Irritrol 216B Solenoid Valve

Irritrol 216B
£61.20 inc VAT

The Irritrol® 200B Series globe/angle valves have built their popularity on a proven record of reliability and a reputation for offering valuable features at an affordable price. The 200B Series provides manual internal and external bleed, heavy-duty, UV-resistant PVC construction, stainless steel hardware, a double-beaded diaphragm and a captive solenoid plunger.

- 1.50" Female BSP Thread Inlets
- Flow range: 5-120 GPM
- Pressure range: 20-150 psi


Irritrol 'S' 2.00" Valve

Solenoid Valve 2.00"
£90.00 inc VAT

- Globe configuration
- Female thread BSP 2.00"
- Flow control
- Accepts Irritrol OmniReg pressure regulator
- Internal manual bleed
- Nylon reinforced with fiberglass body and bonnet
- Double beaded diaphragm
- Working pressure 0,7 to 10 bars
- Solenoid 24 VAC 50 Hz
- In rush cur-rent 0,34 Amp;
- holding current 0,20 Amp.
- Fast and slow closing
- Internal filter removable from top
- Non rising stem


Irritrol Drip-Line (50m)

Irritrol Drip-Line
£30.00 inc VAT

16mm Outside Diameter

33cm Spacing

2 l/hr Flow Rate

Brown Colour to Blend Into Garden

(50m Coils)


Irritrol Micro Drip-Line (30m)

Irritrol Micro Drip-Line
£19.80 inc VAT

6mm Outside Diameter

30cm Spacing

2 l/hr Flow Rate

Brown to Blend Into Garden

(30m Coils)


Irritrol Drip-Line (100m)

Irritrol Drip-Line
£60.00 inc VAT

16mm Outside Diameter

33cm Spacing

2 l/hr Flow Rate

Brown Colour to Blend Into Garden

(100m Coils)


Irritrol 2500 Solenoid Valve

Irritrol 2500 Valve
£34.80 inc VAT

The Irritrol® 2500 Series is a classic example of making a great valve even better. Irritrol has taken its proven 205 Series of valves to the next level by adding a full menu of features including a patented “floating metering system” for consistent performance in dirty water applications and a rugged, double-beaded diaphragm for long-term performance with no leakage. The 2500’s manual internal bleed enables the valve to be opened without filling the valve box with water. And servicing is made easy and efficient with captured screws.

- 1.00" Female BSP Inlets
- Flow range: .25-30 GPM


Irritrol 550R Sprinkler

Irritrol 550R
£10.99 inc VAT

The new Irritrol 550R rotor delivers basic simplicity and dependable action all in one rotor. With its proven ¾” gear-driven design, 50’ of watering radius and a full 5” pop-up, this rotor just gets more done. Installation is made simple with Irritrol’s familiar top arc adjustment and 'all in one' full and part-circle operation from 40 to 360 degrees. And, with the ability to quick check the arc with positive left and right stops, set-up time is further reduced.


Irritrol 700 Ultraflow 1"

Irritrol 700 Ultraflow
£36.00 inc VAT

Featuring a straight-through flow path that dramatically reduces pressure loss, the Irritrol UltraFlow Series of plastic valves leads the industry in long-term performance and reliability. With a flow range from .1 to 180 GPM and a self-cleaning, 150-mesh stainless steel filter screen, these unique valves are ideal for a multitude of potable and dirty water applications. A glass-reinforced nylon body and bonnet, stainless steel spring and hardware, and a rugged, nylon-reinforced Buna-N diaphragm add an extra dimension of toughness to this very durable family of valves.

1" F.BSP

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