Toro Flex55 AC Dual Sprinkler

Toro 855S Sprinkler
£254.39 inc VAT

The Flex 55 is Toro’s dual trajectory sprinkler series. With many innovative features, its selectable trajectory provides a 15 or 25 degree setting with a simple turn of the main nozzle. We offer full- and part-circle in one sprinkler, a removable rock screen and stainless-steel valve seat.

DC Latching Coil
Radius 16.8 to 28.00 m
Flow 53.4 to 232 L/min
Precipitation Rate 855S: Min = 11 mm/h; Max = 23.9 mm/h
Dual Trajectory 15° to 25°
Arc Full Circle; Part-circle Adjustable; Part/Full circle in One - 40° to 330° and 360°
Recommended Operating Pressure 4.5 to 6.9 bar
Maximum Operating Pressure 10.3 bar
Minimum Operating Pressure 2.8 bar
Inrush 60 Hz, 0.12 Amps
Holding 60 Hz, 0.10 Amps
Inlet 1.5" BSP
Pop-Up Height 82.6 mm
Valve in Head
1.50" ACME or BSP threaded inlet: Please advise us which thread you require
And also the metre radius you require, to make sure you recive the correct nozzle set and inlet

Price: £254.39 inc VAT