Signature/ Nelson 6005S Sprinkler

Nelson 6005S Rotor
£24.00 inc VAT
SKU: NS6005

Signature/ Nelson 6005S full and part circle Sprinkler.

The 6005 Pro series rotors are constructed of high impact plastic and all internal metal parts are made of stainless steel. 3⁄4" (2 cm) inlet.
No tools are required to adjust the arc from 40°–360° by using the easy to use Click-Set disc.

This series comes with 8 interchangeable nozzles with a discharge range between (3,8 – 36 l/min), 9 to 15m radius and also a stainless steel riser

All models come with a rubber protective cap and an optional vandal resistant retaining screw.

The built in slip clutch protects the gears and motor from damage when adjusting for a part circle.

If the rotor is manually moved out of position it will automatically reset to the defined pattern.

NIR2 (Nozzle Insertion / Radius Reduction) eliminates the need to remove the cap while fine tuning the radius and inserting the nozzle.

Price: £24.00 inc VAT