Rain Bird Eagle 950E Sprinkler

Rain Bird Eagle 950 Sprinkler
£270.00 inc VAT

Rain Bird 950E Electric Valve In Head Part Circle Sprinkler

For fairways and the rough, the EAGLETM 900/950 rotor series provides superior coverage.
•Offers the versatility to meet any challenge, regardless of the climate, soil type, water use and fertigation requirements.

•Available in full- and part-circle Electric Valve in Head

•Easily interchangeable color-coded nozzles allows rotors to be easily tailored to differing course applications and requirements.

•Accommodates all thread configurations for added flexibility.

•ACME thread inlet features the o-ring seal style for positive seal.

•Unique flow-around-the-motor design reduces friction and ensures reliable performance with all types of water conditions-even reclaimed water.

•EAGLE rotors are easily serviced from the top. The simple removal of snap rings provides quick access to the internal assembly and valve - with no digging. And pressure regulation and arc adjustment can be made from the top using only a screwdriver.

Radius 23.3m to 28.0m

Pressure Operation from 4.1 6.9 bar

Nozzle Trajectory 25 deg

Bottom Inlett 1.50" ACME Thread

Price: £270.00 inc VAT