Nelson/Signature Sprinkler 7513 HS

Nelson 7513 Sprinkler
£68.40 inc VAT
SKU: NS7513

Signature/ Nelson 7513 High Speed Sprinkler.

The 7513 1" female inlet series rotors are constructed of High impact plastic and all internal metal parts are made of stainless steel.
The arc will adjust from 40° – 360° by using the easy to use Click-Set disc.
This series comes with 6 interchangeable nozzles with a discharge range between (35, 6 – 104,1 l/min)
Radius 10 metres to 20 metres
All models come with a rubber protective cap.
The built in slip clutch protects the gears and motor from damage when adjusting for a part circle. If the rotor is manually moved out of position it will automatically reset to the defined pattern.
NIR2 (Nozzle Insertion / Radius Reduction) eliminates the need to remove the cap while fine tuning the radius and inserting the nozzle.
7513 high speed stainless riser with ADV (anti-drain valve)

Price: £68.40 inc VAT