Monitor 100 Plus Irrigation Controller 2 Wire

Irrigation Controller 2 wire
£1,560.00 inc VAT

The Monitor 100 Plus 2 wire path has been developed to manage
irrigation systems for both landscape and golf applications.
It is ideal for greens, tees and approach installation on 18 hole courses or large landscape projects.

The Monitor 100 Plus 2 wire path will replace the Watermation TW1 and TW2 controllers, 1000, The Aquarius 2100 and 2400 and most models of the RM1 single zone controllers. It works with Tonick-Watermation, & Tonick Toro Decoders,
and the New Advanced Fieldswitch Decoder as sold on this website.

7 Independent Programs.
Adjustable watering calendar 1-7 days.
3 start times per day, any programme each time.
Run time splits 1-4.
Water budget 10%-200%.
Auto restart after power cuts.
Adjustable watering window.
Progressive rain switch reduction and cut off.
Run decoders in any order in any programme.
Display of running decoders and power consumption during programme
Up to 4 decoders running at same time.
Maximum run time per station 198 minutes.
Full decoder test programme and logbook.
Manual start of stations up to four at a time
Pump start relay max 30volts.
Pump prime time for non pressurised systems.
Large back lit LCD display.
Power supply from 240volt plug in transformer.
CE Approved

Price: £1,560.00 inc VAT