Hunter I40SS-ON Rotor

Sprinkler Hunter I40SS-ON
£82.80 inc VAT

The I-40 opposing nozzle rotor is a tough commercial rotor that delivers water with accuracy and efficiency at distances up to 70 feet. Featuring diverse three-port nozzle options, a non-strippable drive, and a thick rubber cover built to prevent injury; it's no wonder this rotor is found in more stadiums than any other in the world. With the strength of stainless steel, the I-40 is built to last in the harshest sports, public park, and commercial environments. If efficiency, effective irrigation, and beautiful results are the goal, the I-40 is the irrigation professional's best solution.

The opposing nozzle design offers excellent water distribution. With primary and secondary nozzles on opposing sides of the turret, streams arc in opposite directions as the sprinkler rotates for outstanding mid-range and close-in watering.

Radius I-40-ON: 15.2 to 23.2 m
Flow rate I-40-ON: 2.75 to 7.76 m3/hr; 45.8 to 129.4 l/min
Recommended pressure range: 2.5 to 7 bar.
Operating pressure range: 2.5 to 7.0 bar.
Precipitation rates: 15 mm/hr approx.
Nozzle trajectory: 25 degrees.
1.00" Female threaded inlet

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Price: £82.80 inc VAT