Hunter G880E Sprinkler

Hunter G880E Sprinkler
£214.73 inc VAT

Total-Top-Service (TTS)
Easy one-step removal of rock screen, valve seat and valve assembly.
Concealed Adjustable Pressure Regulation
Through-the-Top Servicing of On-Off-Auto Selector
Keeps wire splices protected in valve-box conditions with easy solenoid servicing. Protects rotor’s riser seal from external contamination such as top-dressing.
Patented FST technology prevents freeze damage—another TTS exclusive.
Offset riser and compartment allows quick and easy trimming around the rotor.

Model: G880E – Full circle, Valve in Head:
• Nozzle choices: 6 standard trajectory (25°)
• Nozzle range: #25 to #53
• Exclusive PressurePort™ nozzle technology
• Water lubricated gear-drive

Pop-up height: 3"
Overall height: 11¾"
Flange diameter: 7¼"
Female Inlet: 1½" ACME

Radius: 67' to 88'
Flow: 22.5 to 57.9 GPM
Pressure range: 65 to 100 PSI All TTS rotors are pressure rated at 150 PSI
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Price: £214.73 inc VAT