Hunter G835E Rotor

Hunter 835E Sprinkler
£242.98 inc VAT

Hunter 835E Electric Valve in Head, Adjustable arc water lubricated gear-drive
Arc adjustable anytime; uninstalled, installed or while in operation
50-360° adjustable arc range
QuickSet-360 adjustable arc and non-reversing full-circle in one rotor
Quick check arc mechanism makes arc adjust fast and easy
Closed-case design helps prevent sticking riser and leaking seals
Nozzle range #2 to #12
Electric Valve-In-Head with adjustable pressure regulation, on-off-auto selector, 210mA (370mA inrush) solenoid with captive plunger and internal downstream bleed

Overall Height: 30cm
Pop-up Height: 8cm
Flange Diameter: 18cm
Inlet Size: 1½ Female ACME
Hunter G835E Adjustable Arc, Electic Valve-In-Head Sprinkler - 1½ ACME Inlet

Radius: 18' to 50'
• Flow: 1.9 to 12.8 GPM
• Pressure range: 40 to 65 PSI
• All TTS rotors are pressure rated at 150 PSI
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Price: £242.98 inc VAT