Hunter G80B Rotor

Hunter G80B Sprinkler
£102.00 inc VAT

Easy to adjust and maintain, Hunter's G80B golf and large turf rotor is also the ideal choice for the customer on a budget. The B Series rotors provide all the standard features you want for mid-distance coverage including a time-tested gear drive, convenient through-the-top servicing, and a sturdy, impact-resistant flanged body. Plus Hunter's PressurePort™ nozzling system reduces velocity and pressure to the secondary nozzles while increasing droplet size. The result is they deliver uniform distribution every time.

Full circle water lubricated gear-drive
Exclusive PressurePort™ technology delivers uniform and consistent coverage
Closed-case design helps prevent sticking riser and leaking seals
Flexible performance with 6 nozzles to choose from

Model: Full-Circle
Radius: 20.4 to 26.8 m
Flow: 5.11 to 13.15 m³/hr
Flow: 85.2 to 219.2 l/min
Pressure: 4.5 to 6.9 bars
Pressure: 450 to 689 k

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Price: £102.00 inc VAT