Green Spray 70S Sprinkler

Green Spray 70S Sprinkler
£90.00 inc VAT

Green Spray 70S Sprinkler

Tough shock resistant 7" diameter rubber flange on bowl to protect the
sprinkler from damage.

Continuous full or part circle, 360° rotation or adjustable part
circle, 40° to 310° in 5° increments.

Easy arc adjustment left and right side from top of sprinkler.

Ratcheting slip clutch protects gears and motor from damage if
head is turned manualy.

Nozzle set with each sprinkler for different radius of operation
70S Series 12.5 to 19.0 mtr, 21 to 74 l/m

Pop up hight 4.50" to clear surrounding grass with plastic or stainless
steel riser and 1" BSP female inlet.

Anti drain valve and heavy duty spring eliminates low head drainage
and puddling.

Price: £90.00 inc VAT