Golf Flagpin Package 3

Flagpin Package 3
£528.00 inc VAT

Tubelock Flagpin Package
18 x 2meter Flag Pin Black and White Stripe US or UK ferrule
18 x Plastic Hole Cups, US or UK
18 x Poly Tubelock Flags plain colours, red,yellow,white & blue

Tubelock Flags.
2 Ply 440mm x 320mm, 60mm sleave, quadruple strong nylon stiching with extra reinforcment on the corners.

Hole Cups.
White ABS PVC UV stabilised, resistant to chemicals.

Flag Pins.
Tubelock attachment for flag, Flagpin is made from 12.7mm fibreglass rod.

Please state when ordering, colour of flag, flag pin US or UK plastic ferrule,
UK or US hole cup.

Price: £528.00 inc VAT