Golf Flag Soft Pocket PK9

Golf Flag Soft Pocket
£92.17 inc VAT

Soft Pocket Flag, A better alternative to Tubelock

Soft Pocket style flag is becoming increasingly popular due to the unique design,
Rather than a hard tubing (Tubelock) the Soft Pocket has a strong canvas tubing and reinforced top grommet for flagsticks top fitting, The unique design allows the flag to be washed at low temperature with mild detergent.
American sizing making them bigger than UK flag.

Size 20" x 15" ( 50cm x 35cm)
Made from water repellent nylon.
400 Denier, Fade resistant.
Four rows of stiching and cross stiching on the corners.

Colours Red, Yellow, White & Blue
Please Advise us of the Colour You Require.
Sold in pack of 9
Use with Royaline Flag Pin Only!

Price: £92.17 inc VAT